Jenny Morel Weddings is a wedding planner agency specialized in foreigners bride and groom that want to get married in France, or french bride and groom that want a destination wedding !
You are dreaming about getting married on the other side of the world ? Maybe because you would like to surpise your guests, maybe because you had a crush on a special venue… no matter the reason why, you wish to have your dream come true in front of your closest friends or with 100 guests to have a big party in another country !
You are looking for a unique and unusual venue? A wonderful and a heavenly place ? A ceremony on the beach, having feet on sand or in the sea, facing the sunset or having your wedding on a boat ?!
Specialized in « destinations weddings », Jenny Morel Weddings will help you to find the perfect venue to say « I do » on the other side of the world !



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  • Languages: French English